The Beaufort Bar's New Interpreted Magic Menu

Wanna be spellbound? These captivating cocktails are inspired by everyone from Merlin to Houdini.

We’ve every reason to be wary of sequels (Jaws: The Revenge, anyone?). But when we heard the Beaufort Bar was releasing a follow up to their insanely good Music, Magic & Drama menu, we were confident it’d be as epic as the original. If anyone can pull it off they can.

For the uninitiated, the Beaufort Bar is the super seductive cocktail den tucked inside The Savoy Hotel. You can’t deny it’s one sexy place to sink a few drinks - check out the inky black walls, the glimmering gold-leaf alcoves and sumptuous couches. All the better for getting up close and personal if you’re there with a date.

What’s more, the cocktails never fail to impress. Interpreted Magic is a three-part menu that explores secrets, tales and tricks. Each of the sections focuses on one of the ‘three pillars’ of magic. If you flunked your entrance exam for Hogwarts then we’ll enlighten you. These are The Pledge, featuring light mixed drinks, wines and Champagnes; The Turn, with unusual techniques and agave spirits, gin, tonics and fortified wines; and The Prestige, focusing on rare whiskies and dark spirits with full aromas and rich flavours.

Keep an eye out for the famous magical figures and places that get named-checked - from Harry Houdini to Stone Henge. We threw on our cloak of invisibility and packed a rabbit in our hat before swinging along to the Beaufort Bar. Here’s our pick of the most spellbinding sips on the menu.

Your Choice from The Pledge

This is one kickass twist on a zesty and silky sour. Yes, it's got Absolut Elyx, citrus liqueur and egg white, but they've also incorporated Champagne cordial plus one very magic ingredient indeed. Fallen Pony from Empirical Spirits is a crazy tea-led tipple from Denmark. These science-wizards distil quince tea kombucha then blend it into the spirit, before adding undistilled kombucha. Trust us when we say it's a gamechanger. This cocktail has a creamy mouthfeel; you'll get hints of parma violet, candy and bubblegum; and it has a clean zesty finish. Not only that but it's aromatic as f*ck. Your Choice is inspired by David Devant, the conjurer with the magic kettle who would pour out any drink requested by the audience. Now that’s the kinda kitchen appliance we need in our lives.  

Bright Spark from The Turn


Get ready for a cocktail inspired by Tesla. And no, we don’t mean the electric car. Nikolas Tesla was an early pioneer of electric technology and this galvanising cocktail has been made with him in mind. Star of Bombay Gin is mixed with Italicus Bergamont liqueur, lemon verbena and sherry cordial. Then there's a little Champagne to give it the spark it needs to be fully charged. Bright Spark is light, fragrant and insanely moreish. Sherry cordial gives it depth, while the citrus lifts the whole shebang to create a balanced and delicate cocktail that you won't be able to keep away from. 

The Mentalist from The Turn

Who doesn’t love a bit of Derren Brown freakiness every now and then? This cocktail is based on the British hypnotist who likes to get his séance on. The spirit being channeled here is tequila - Patron Silver Tequila, to be exact. It’s been combined with grapefruit, lettuce cordial and orange bitters to make an epic twist on a Paloma. Refreshing, fruity and zingy, this is one to sharpen the appetite and get your ready for the night ahead. Well, there’s a lot of souls to get chatting to out there...

Tennessee Voodoo from The Prestige 


Tennessee Voodoo begins our adventure over to the dark side... with Jack Daniel's Single Barrel Rye Whiskey, to be exact. This is combined with red vermouth, a fruity and spicy French liqueur called H. Theoria Hysterie Liqueur, bitters and - as a curveball - some banana.  The result is a rich, complex yet madly approachable cocktail, thanks to those tropical fruit undertones. The inspiration comes from Marie Laveau, a Creole voodoo priestess whose life was shrouded in mystery. We'd worship this banging drink any day of the week. 

Sea and Land from The Prestige

Saving our favourite until last - Sea and Land is inspired by the witches from Macbeth. Highland Park 18yr Whisky is a stunning spirit anyway, but it gets the magic treatment here when combined with coffee, Oloroso Syrup and 30&40 (a blend of calvados, pommeau and rum). Silky, rich, malty and spiced, with notes of cacao, oak, apple and vanilla, it's seductively alluring. This epic cocktail certainly cast its spell on us.