The Best Beaches In Ibiza

You haven’t really lived until you have paid a visit to Ibiza

In fact, you should do it at least once a year. It’s the island that keeps on giving, you might not know what, but you know it's going to be good. BarChick came, saw and conquered, and after weeks of deliberating, has got it all pieced together - you can thank her later.

For where to drink, check out our city guide - you won't be disappointed. Meanwhile, here is BarChick's guide to the best beaches on the island, so you can get to work on that tan... OK, there are some bars there too, but what else did you expect from BarChick?

Cala Gracio Beach Deep cove with crystal clear waters, aka the hangover cure. Nuff said. There's just the one bar, and if you’re hungry there are a couple of restaurants nearby.

Playa de s'Estanyol It (was) a well kept secret, super close to Ibiza town, this cool beach bar plays tunes, ambient by day, and if you're lucky enough to wangle your way in you’ll catch the baselines at one of the legendary private parties in the evening. There's only one bar, so drink there!

Benirras Hippy styles, and big chilling. This beach is away from the madness, with an amazing juice bar, but more importantly it has epic frozen cocktails! Go on  Sunday for the drumming. Leave your new Space t-shirt at home, dress in cheesecloth, and grab a drum/bongo/whistle/frying pan to take with you and join in – its all about the good vibes here.

Pou des Lleo Start by parking at the Pou des Lleo restaurant, then head towards the sea, and walk north along the coast. Climb down the big rocks, by the fisherman's huts and dive in, there's no one around, so liberate yourself, and get naked (or do what BarChick did and giggle at the hot naked hippie). Now you're refreshed,  head to the actual bay Pou des Lleo and have a beer at that little shack, heaven.

Cap d'es Falco Despite the fact that BarChick got stung on her face by a jellyfish here (no she didn’t pee on it), it’s still one of her favourites.  Firstly the journey through the maze of salt flats is epic.  Secondly with the boulder based beach, getting into the sea with any sort of elegance is impossible but you will laugh, and it is easier to get out, especially when you have mastered The Crab. Hit the beach beds, and get the cocktails in; frozen fruit ones were up there, as were the bottles of rosé. Unlike most of the beaches, it's never too busy by day, and by night the tempo always picks up for sunset – usually attracting lots of locals Nb. If anyone could tell me where they get that sparkly disco sand that doesn't burn your feet, I’d be most grateful.

Cala Comte Wicked beach by day, despite its proximity to San Antonio. There’s a super cool bar/restaurant built into the rocks there called Sunset Ashram .  Good tunes and a sweet selection of cocktails, BarChick was mostly drinking Caipirinhas.

Es Cavallet Don’t knock this well known nudist and gay beach until you’ve tried it, let go and live a little (if you haven’t done so enough already). Mingle with celebs and gangsters at the bar/restaurant "El Chiringuito" (which literally means beach shack - it is quite the opposite - it's dead smart but nothing you can't handle).

Las Salinas Beach Where celebs and beautiful people go” or not, unless you are looking for overcrowding club promoters, this is overrated and overcrowded. If you do find yourself here, then hit the Jockey Club for a Pina Colada.