The NEW Cocktails You Can Get Delivered To Your Casa

Lockdown 2.0: we got this

Anyone get a sense of deja vu? Yeah, us too. But hey, now we've had a recent taste of freedom there's no way we're going back to pesto pasta for five days in a row. Especially not when some of our ultimate bars are nailing new deliveries...

Hawksmoor at Home

Who hasn't kicked the night off with a Sour Cherry Negroni, or slipped further into a steak-induced food coma with a Full Fat Old Fashioned? Both are as integral to a Hawksmoor visit as that portion of Mac & Cheese 'for the table' - and now you can get sipping with Hawksmoor At Home. Resident cocktail guru Liam Davy has been working with the group for a decade & has now nailed bringing you some of the best from the bar, right to your door. This includes delights like the Ultimate Dry Martini, the Ginza Calling and the 20/20 Cosmo. So fire up that steak (or open a bag of flame-grilled McCoys) and get ready to party. 

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The days of 'going for a swift one' might be on pause, but who wants pints in the pub when you can get cocktails delivered from one of London's most kickass bars?! Head over to Speakeasyathome and get choosing between cocktails such as the Swift Bajan Rum, classic Negroni and Taverna (a refreshing blend of sherry, vermouth and quinquina.) Drinks are either delivered in a bottle or a handy pouch, and much like their split-level bar you can go for something bright & fresh or dark & sexy. Not only that, but also have cocktail offerings from Nightjar & Oriole. So enjoying a night with the world's best bars couldn't be easier...

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It's just been named Best Bar in the World & that Martini trolley is so close we can almost hear its wheels... but we can't actually visit. Cruel, cruel world. However, we're not letting that stop us enjoy one of the most epic Martinis ever. Head to where you can order cocktails for two. Fancy practising that long pour in your lounge? We recommend putting down newspaper first...

Order from supperlondon here. Martini for 2 £37


Forget the pudding, the proof of how popular the delivery service was from these guys is in the cocktails. And they smashed it first time round, so we're pleased as punch that they've released a new collection of cocktails for round 2. This new menu is inspired by the simplicity of the classic highball & includes seasonal serves like the Peach & Chestnut (bourbon, chestnut, peach & ginger) alongside more exotic tipples like Tequila Habanero – a tropical mix of tequila, coconut rum, habanero, caraway & orange. Cos zero contact cocktails certainly doesn't mean zero creativity.

Bottled‌ ‌Cock‌tail‌ ‌delivery‌ ‌will‌ ‌launch‌ ‌Monday 9th November. Orders‌ ‌can‌ ‌be‌ ‌placed‌ ‌at‌ ‌‌‌ ‌  


Forget bog roll & paracetamol, the real thing we were scared of running out of during lockdown was good quality booze. Cahoots is here to ensure that fear never has to surface again, with their Emergency Cocktail Rations. They're bringing the spirit of the 40s to you with hooch-filled pouches filled with two servings of their finest cocktails, from the Scoundrels’ Old Fashioned to the espresso-based Engine Fuel. In the war they had to make do and mend with cabbage soup - we're gonna get crunk on Cahoots finest. 

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