Obscure Hangover Cures From Around The World

You won't believe how the Mongolians cure theirs...

We know all about hangovers, and we've all got our own cures... but we've discovered some of the more left-field solutions. Some will work for you but definitely not all, so be brave and try some, it could go either way so don't say we didn't warn you.

COWBOYS – This cure sounds normal until the punch line. Cowboys and outlaws, like us, would wake up and whack the kettle on. Of course, a nice cup of tea is always in order after a heavy night out. But there’s more, they would add some rabbit droppings. As if you don’t feel crap enough already.

ROMAN CURE – Those Romans knew how to party; orgies, wines, grapes, bath-houses and festivals. Clearly not shy of a hangover, they had a cure up their sleeves for these tough times. Deep-fried canary and drinking raw yolk from an owl’s egg (kind of like a big bucket of KFC and some raw egg a la Rocky). To help the headache, vine leaves would be plastered to their foreheads so that the natural oils could seep in and aid them. Now where did I put my owl eggs?

The Romans in their Decadence by Thomas Couture, 1847

SCOTTISH - These guys know how to drink, but they also know how to get high cholesterol. That said their hangover cure doesn’t disappoint. Make yourself a Highland Fling. A pint of heated buttermilk (naturally) mixed with a tablespoon of cornflower seasoned lightly with salt and pepper, mmmmm.

MONGOLIA MARY – When you are offered one of these, don’t assume it’s a new twist on a Bloody Mary, because you will have a rude awakening when it arrives at your table. The Mongolians wave goodbye to their hangover by eating pickled sheep eyeballs and washing them down with a tomato juice and brine mix. We’ll stick to the vodka, tabasco and tomato juice this time… but thanks.

Image source: Tumblr

VOODOO CURE – In Haiti they don’t believe in all this eating and drinking of various ingredients. Oh no, the secret is in voodoo, obviously. Grab the bottle that caused you to feel this way and punish it. Create a voodoo doll out of it by sticking 13 pins in the cork and start chanting elusive phrases at it in creole. Should feel good as new in no time… apparently. Maybe take paracetamol or 2 beforehand and we can just pretend.

GERMANY – Pickled herring isn’t the usual cuisine you would choose to eat even on a good day, but the Germans have other ideas. Head down for a Katerfruhstuck (that’s a hangover breakfast to us) and stuff your face with Rollmops; fillets of pickled goodness wrapped round onion and gherkin. Not sure about you, but we reckon the only way this is a cure is that they make you throw up.

PUERTO RICO – To fend AWAY a hangover you’ve gotta act early. The best idea according to Puerto Ricans is to rub a slice of lemon peel under your drinking arm before heading out (obviously). Not sure if this is definitely a cure, but at least you’ll wake up smelling zesty fresh.

POLAND - Over in Poland, they do like their soured goods. With a hangover, they'll happily down a pint of soured milk (milk left out at room temperature for a day or two, nom nom nom). Old milk curdling in your stomach full of last night’s alcohol doesn’t sound like the best idea to us, you’re welcome to let us know otherwise.

IRELAND - We usually jump in the shower when we're feeling the effects of the night before, and sometimes even that seems like a lot of effort. However, in Ireland they have been known to go all out and bury the ailing person up to their neck in moist river sand. That's dedication right there. We're not sure dirty and damp sand is the cosiest of options, so we'll bury ourselves up to the neck in our duvet instead.

MEXICO - You might need a strong stomach if you wanna do as the Mexicans do. When they wanna wash away the sins of the night before, they turn to Menudo, a thick, spicy soup made with tripe, AKA cow stomach. It's hoped that this hearty bowl will be strong enough to overpower your senses and with them, your hangover. Think we'll stick to a fry-up, thanks.

Image from The Nasty Bits - you'll even find a recipe here if you're feeling adventurous

Lead image credit: Getty Images/iStockphoto