The Best Bars in London To Hit Up For Tequila

One tequila, two tequila, three tequila... MORE!

Nights out doing cheap tequila shots are ones to be forgotten, but nights at these awesome tequila bars are always gonna be ones to remember... even if the end of the night does sometimes get a little hazy.

Café Pacifico


You gotta love a good Mexican and Café Pacifico is as authentic as it gets. The Legendary Tomas Estes who sadly passed away in the Spring (RIP, Legend) opened this joint way back in 1982, and unlike most Mexican hangouts in this town, it is still as true to its roots as it can get with the décor, wooden tables, music, waiters, vibes and the tequila. In fact you may as well be in the heart of Mexico instead of the not so tropical Covent Garden. With HUNDREDS of tequilas on offer, it’s safe to say your Margaritas are gonna be show-stopping. Have them any way you want or dabble with the other cocktails on offer.

5 Langley St, Covent Garden, London WC2H 9JA

El Camion & The Pink Chihuahua 

This is the ultimate Soho bar for a boogie, plus you’ll find it between 2 sex shops.  Mexican food is served upstairs, but it’s all about the Pink Chihuahua (sometimes called Dick’s Bar) down below – this is where it gets kinda loco! This late-night bar really kicks off, the music is fun and even the most modest of mates will be dancing on the table before closing time at 3am. Make sure you are part of The Pink Chihuahua club to avoid entry issues, ask the bartenders or check out their site before you go. The bar was created and run by the legend that was Dick Bradsell – they’re following his legacy and certainly know how to mix a decent drink in here. BarChick will see you there!

25-27 Brewer St, Soho, London W1F 0RR


Head down the stairs and into this Mexican styled den of all things good and bad (bad being the imminent hangover).  Tables sit in alcoves around the edge, patches of exposed wall creep through the plasterwork, dried flowers sit pretty above the benches and the bar is a beautiful tiled masterpiece. Look up, a tequila shot train occasionally chugs around the room delivering potions to those who dare brave the working hangover – and come the weekend, it’s on overload. Drink Margaritas, or go big and whistle in the Tonteria Express or the Serpent of Doom (dangerous if it’s just for 2). 

7-12 Sloane Square, Belgravia, London SW1W 8EG


Twenty years on and this place is still our favourite Latino hangout. It’s sure got some core ingredients to credit its double-decade existence; Sombreros? Check. Enormous tequila selection? Check. Mexican mayhem? Check. And if you’re fun enough then tabletop dancing is a go. They make the cut with their fabulous Margarita menu, and don’t make any late-night plans, because there’s enough choice to keep you there a while – you can thank us in the morning.

329 Kings Road, London SW3 5ES

La Bodega Negra 


With a Mexican taqueria upstairs and a hacienda-style tequila bar downstairs, the guys at La Bodega Negra guarantee you a good time. To really get into your Margarita groove, you’ll want to head downstairs, keep an eye out for the sex shop look-alike on old Compton Street and you’re there. Once you get past the doormen (a booking is helpful) you’ll wanna get a sneaky stool at the bar before your table is ready. The House Margarita is made with El Jimador Blanco Tequila, fresh lime and home-made orange liqueur, it’s served on the rocks with salt. But even better are their frozen Margaritas (even if it’s cold outside), made with Herradura Tequila and their flavour of the day. Sexy.

16 Moor Street, London W1D 5NH


This place is headed up by Deano Moncrieffe, who has a job of "luxury tequila Ambassador for Diageo Reserve" so you know his tequila knowledge is ace. This "Agaveria" in Dalston features all types of agave spirits, and naturally, it's super heavy on tequila - just how we like it.  It has an epic, rotating "Agave List" which sits on one long shelf behind the bar. It's got 25 bottles; industry faves, a few newcomers and a couple of rare bottles that even the most seasoned tequila drinker might not recognise. They weave their way in and out of the killer cocktail menu or are paired with flavour enhancers to compliment the notes of the spirits. And good news for South Londoners - they're opening a second joint in Brixton in August. Double trouble, baby.

 378 Kingsland Rd, London E8 4AA

KOL Mezcaleria

Yes, this is a mezcaleria and yes, mezcal is definitely the spirit of choice at this warmly lit basement bar in Marylebone, but tequila is still very much on the menu, and when you've got award-winning mixologist Maxim Shulte at the helm, you know they're not stocking cheap supermarket Sierra on the back bar. This beautiful and rustic Mexican inspired bar is bringing elegance to agave, with clever cocktails, intriguing flights and plenty of good chat on the agave subject from a team who love the stuff possibly more than we do.

9 Seymour St, London W1H 7BA

Santo Remedio

Like your tacos with a tequila chaser? Head upstairs to the bar at Santo Remedio and settle in. Come for the weekend brunch and sink bottomless Margs alongside classics like Huevos Rancheros. Or make a dinner reservation and feast on guacamole with actual fried grasshoppers (they’re a delicacy that the owners import). Whatever you do, get stuck into that cocktail list. Killer twists like a Hibiscus Margarita and a Mezcal Negroni = congratulations. You've found a new happy place.

152 Tooley St, London SE1 2TU 



How many ways are there to make a bad-ass Margarita? Well according to Taqueria, the answer is 7. Definitely lucky for tequila lovers, yours truly included. We like our Margs to pack a punch, so the Smoke Chili Marg def has our name on it. Meanwhile, their back bar looks like a line-up of BarChick's favourite party starters, ranging from crisp Blancos to robust Anejos all the way to artisanal mezcals if you're down for travelling down a smokier route to partyville. Order plenty to wash down the sick tacos the kitchen has perfected (we're talking soft corn tortillas filled with organic prawns, free-range chicken and locally farmed steak) and baby, you'll never want to leave. 

141-145 Westbourne Grove, London W11 2RS

Café Chula

These guys take their tequila and mezcal seriously, as we all should tbh. If you wanna work at this colourful canal-side bar, ya gotta undergo some pretty epic agave training to get up to the level of pro these guys work at. With a clued up crew mixing up their ever-evolving selection of Margaritas (staff faves including the Hibiscus or the Grapefruit & Habanero), a back bar of meticulously curated bottles and a menu packed with tequila and mezcals that have been infused and barrel-aged to give an extra je ne sais quoi, this is your one-stop shop for all the agave-based good times.

75-89 Lower Walkway, Camden Lock Place, London NW1 8AF 


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