Cameron Attfield

Where are you currently working?

I was previously working at Disreupte, but now I'm really excited to have just opened the first stand-alone concept bar in Harrods, created in partnership with the legendary fine crystal maker, Baccarat

What is your favourite cocktail? 

A Tanqueray No. TEN Gibson martini - preferably with cornichons (diva) or my new found favourite is an Aviation cocktail topped up with tonic. A Guinness and a good whisky are also a go-to for me.

Ever had a badass/rock and roll bartending moment?

At this year’s Diageo Reserve World Class Global Final I definitely had one of those moments. The atmosphere and buzz of the competition was ace. The challenges were all epic but a moment that really sticks in my mind was during the Talisker challenge in Isle of Skye. All 53 of us competed with just 20 minutes to create a Talisker cocktail masterpiece using ingredients from a ‘mystery box’. At one point, I looked up and saw the world’s best bartenders doing their thing, all at the same time, in the same place. That’s pretty rock and roll if you ask me. 

Where will we find you on your nights off?

Probably drinking Guinness in a cosy somewhere pub planning a new menu or concept. Otherwise I'm at home geeking out on culinary programmes.

If you weren’t bartending what would you be doing?

Well, I used to be an accountant, which was just mundane and boring. I love food and mixing up flavours so probably a chef or something creative like that. Nothing too artsy though as I'm terrible at that!

Desert island bottle? 

Definitely Caol Ila 18 – it’s delicious, smoky, well-rounded and has lots of character.

Hangover cure?

Always the same – straight to the local greasy spoon for a full English breakfast and a breakfast tea.

Tell us something on the industry we might not know

The best in the industry do not approach the game like a bartender, but like a chef or a scientist. Lateral thinking goes a lot further than thinking about the end product. Don’t think about what to make but think about how to flip the game and think outside of the box to make something great. Using perceptions to create a cocktail that embodies an experience is just amazing when you get it right! Also, smoky whisky and cream soda is banging. If you don’t know...get on board!