Meet London's New Michelin-Starred Restaurants: 2023

Fine dining that's hotter than Ralph Fiennes' s'mores

Big news, baby! The Michelin Guide just dropped its 2023 awards for Britain and Ireland - and if The Menu didn't put you off fine dining forever, you've got some newly minted Michelin restaurants to add to your must-visit list.

Lucky for the London dwellers among us, a handful of the city's restaurants made their Michelin debut. While there were no restaurants in the capital that gained three stars this year, these are the new two- and one-star spots you need on your radar...

New Two Stars

Alex Dilling at Hotel Cafe Royal, Mayfair

Tucked away in a five-star hotel near Piccadilly Station, this bright and breezy resto from chef Alex Dilling opened in September 2022, but it's already earned a spot alongside London's fine-dining giants. Expect a tasting menu that's all about modern French gastronomy, with local English ingredients to keep things fresh AF (hello, Yorkshire rhubarb with Champagne sabayon).  

What to drink: With a wine list of biblical proportions, you've got plenty of choice when it comes to washing down your meal. Since chef Alex's food is big on locality, why not match that energy and go with a bangin' English wine?

The damage: The big daddy tasting menu, featuring roughly 10 courses of pure ecstasy, will set you back a cool £175 per person. For a slightly less eye-watering bill, get involved with the lunch menu here - £65 for three courses. 

68 Regent Street, London W1B 4DY

The Ledbury, Notting Hill

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Headed up by chef Brett Graham, The Ledbury was a mainstay of the Michelin list for years until it had to close due to the pandemic royally f*cking everything up. Luckily, it reopened last year and has now reclaimed its Michelin stars. Pow! The food is precise, delicate and dripping with luxury - no shortage of caviar and truffles on the tasting menu here, honey. 

What to drink: Kick things off with an Earl Grey Negroni (Sipsmith Gin and Earl Grey tea) before snagging a wine rec from the restaurant's killer sommelier team. 

The damage: To take the dinner tasting menu for a spin, you're looking at dropping a casual £195. Want the wine pairings too? That'll be an extra £130, please. 

127 Ledbury Road, London W11 2AQ 

New One Star

Cycene, Shoreditch

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Imagine going to a dinner party at a friend's house. Now imagine that friend is a fermentation-obsessed mad genius who lives in a minimalist mountaintop spa, and you have Cycene. This East London spot from chef Theo Clench leads its guests on an immersive tour of its low-lit spaces, serving the first course in the bar and continuing to the main dining room and kitchen. The menu constantly changes according to seasonality and availability, taking full advantage of in-house ageing chambers (for meat and fish) and fermentation lockers (for drinking vinegars).

What to drink: Take your pick from minimal-intervention wines, homemade softs, beaut kombuchas and impeccable aperitifs. 

The damage: 10 courses will cost ya £175 a head. Thirsty? Add wine pairings to the mix for £125.

9 Chance St, London E2 7JB

Luca, Clerkenwell

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Digging into a plate of divine pasta and a truly transcendent Negroni on the terrace of Luca, you'd be forgiven for thinking you're in Como instead of Clerkenwell. From cacio e pepe agnolotti to tagliatelle with braised octopus, the kitchen here serves nothin' but straight bangers. Our fave part? The super-cosy bar, which mixes up some next-level riffs on classic cocktails.

What to drink: Don't miss the Chinotto Manhattan, with Rittenhouse Rye, Chinotto Nero, lapsang tea and sweet vermouth - a total smoke show.

The damage: The four-course chef's menu is yours for £85, but you can also freestyle it and order as you please. 

88 St John St, London EC1M 4EH

St Barts, Farringdon

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For the best of Britain in one tasting menu, St Barts is the place. You'll sit at tables hand-crafted from fallen London trees as chef Johnnie Crowe and his crew serve you dishes that highlight the produce of the British Isles, from Scottish scallops, to Wiltshire truffles, to Chinese water deer from Woburn (it's a thing). 

What to drink: Splash out with the dinner drinks pairing (an added £100), featuring sparkling wine, white wine, red wine, dessert wine and a digestif, or keep things simple with a classic cocktail or a London-brewed beer. 

The damage: The (seriously lengthy) tasting menu can be yours for £140, or get fancy at lunchtime with the £60 version. 

63 Bartholomew Cl, London EC1A 7BG

Taku, Mayfair

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We love dinner with a side of theatre, and that's exactly what you get at this exclusive 16-seat omakase experience run by sushi master Takuya Watanabe. Precisely cut pieces of gorgeous marbled fish and perfectly seasoned rice are shaped into flawless nigiri right in front of you - now that's a work of art! It really doesn't get any fresher than this. 

What to drink: The alcohol pairing, featuring epic wines and sakes, comes in at £220 (£320 for the premium version). 

The damage: No doubt about it: if you're here, you're going BIG (in case ya didn't get the hint from the £320 alcohol pairing). The signature omakase, with 20 courses, will set ya back £280, but if you want your meal with boujee ingredients like caviar and truffles, plus extra courses, you can shell out for the prestige omakase (£380). Looking for a meal that'll leave a smaller dent in your overdraft? Try the lunch menu, with 17 courses for £130.

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