Sex, Coffee & Booze: How To Liven Up Lockdown

Deliveries, Games & Virtual Nights Out for when you have to stay in

Hopefully we're on the final stretch of lockdown... but who f*cking knows. You've invested in a yoga mat, maybe you've finally got ya hands on some flour (in which case you should definitely make this). Now check out these extra things that'll make the time left indoors a bit more bearable.

Coffee Delivery

Seeing your mates, going to the pub & experiencing the crush of a crowded bar - all contenders, but the thing people seem to be missing most during lockdown is their daily grind. We're obviously talking coffee, not work. So while you're unable to spend your cash on a coffee to go, why not channel some steamy Barista role-play and make ya own? 

Those who already have a barista-style set up in their casa will know the panic that sets in when you realise you're low on beans, so having a regular delivery is essential. We dig Union Coffee's Coffee Club - subscribe to a weekly, fortnightly or monthly delivery of fresh, hand-roasted coffee, with a sh*t hot range of flavours and grinds. You can even send a gift pack to the pal you miss setting the world to rights with over a steaming cuppa joe.

For another wicked subscription service, Pact Coffee caters to everyone with whole-bean, ground (you even choose the grind size) and pod coffee delivery. They let you work out how much coffee you drink so you can order the perfect amount. Hell yeah!

Over Under Coffee have a sweet selection of coffees you can get delivered, and if you love their coffee, you'll REALLY love their cocktails. In non-Covid times, their Earls Court coffee house turns into a cocktail bar in the evenings and obviously they know how to shake up a decent caffeinated cocktail. If you've been craving an epic Espresso Martini, mix one up at home with their bad-ass beans. They make theirs using East London liquor Company vodka. We like their style.

Green Fingers

There are two types of people in this world: Those that can keep a house plant alive, and those that could kill a succulent just by looking at it the wrong way. If you fall in the latter category (hey, nice of you to join us), maybe lock-down is actually the perfect time to work out why you have a murderous streak with plants, and correct that.


In these unprecedented times (drink!) it's vital to adapt. Can't get to the bars to grab a cocktail? You might as well... grow one! Now, you can't exactly cultivate a whole cocktail in this Cocktail Garden Kit, but you can grow everything you need to flavour and garnish your home cocktails. Cucamelons will add star quality to your cocktails (they're like grape-sized watermelons - v. cute!), while lemon balm seeds give a refreshing citrusy note. Boom.

If you're a big fan of a botanically-pimped gin and a well-garnished cocktail, you'll dig The Botanist Herb Planter. Use the self-watering herb planter to grow garnishes from seed or to house pre-potted plants. Result: a plentiful supply of VERY local, seasonal garnishes for your Botanist & Tonic. It looks ace too, crafted from the iconic The Botanist bottle. 

Hydroponics are probs better known for large-scale underground urban farming – or, ahem, mass-producing Mary-Jane – but it’s also transforming at-home agriculture. It's basically all about growing plants without using soil. This cool hydroponic plant grower kit is super easy to use, and you can utilise all that dinner party glassware currently going to waste to grow some cool plants.  

Get Sexy

We reckon there are three camps in lock-down. The single isolators who haven't felt the touch of another human being for the last 5 weeks; the couples who have lost the spark after a month in sweat-pants; and the horned-up couples who are going to be responsible for a Christmas-time baby boom. If you're in the former two camps: it's time to get sexed-up, baby!

Since lockdown began, sex toy sales have risen in the UK by 13%. Whoa. That's nothing compared to the 135% rise in Canada (Oh, Canada!). Looks like a lotta us have been struck down by the lockdown horn. With more time on our hands, not surprising we've been putting 'em to good use. If you and your other half are in a rut but down for getting dirty, this couples starter kit will do the trick. Of course, if sex toys aren't your - umm, vibe - why not swap out Monopoly on your next games night with this saucier alternative

Alternatively, if you wanna come outta lockdown with a new skill or wanna treat your other half to a bit of a show, then channel your inner Dita Von Teese and enrol in one of these virtual online Burlesque classes. International burlesque performers lead these saucy sessions and they'll teach you a sexy routine to your song of choice for you to perform. Feather bowers at the ready!

Been getting artsy and craftsy during lockdown? Go full Jack & Rose with some naked drawing. Forbiddendog has a series of virtual life drawing classes you can tune into. If you wanna get kinky, join them for Fetish Friday for a fetish performance-driven life drawing online experience. Who doesn't wanna come out the end of this with a piece of home drawn erotica hanging above their bed?  


Hands up who's now done more pub quizzes in their living room than they've ever done in an actual pub! If you're seeking something a bit different to fill your weekends and evenings, get involved in these for a wild night in...


Craving a night of dancing? Time to tune into the Piano Works live streams. They've got a wicked line-up of live streams from their house band so you can dance like nobody is watching (cos they literally won't be). You can also join their singalongs or the Can't Sing Choir. Your neighbours will really love that.

If one of your fave past-times is going to a wine tasting/distillery tour to get the low-down on how your fave liquid gets made, sign up to a drink-along virtual tasting. We've got Whisky Me's virtual World Whisky Day tasting sesh hosted on their Facebook page locked firmly in our diaries for 16th May at 8pm. You can also join their whisky club here if a monthly drop of a wicked single malt is up your street. 

If you're looking to brush up on your booze knowledge to inspire some bar quality cocktail making at home and get to know some of London's most respected bartenders and drink experts, you'll wanna set your alarms for 5pm daily to tune into one of our fave bars Coupette's new Instagram Lives series; a cool new informal Q&A style convo with Bar Manager Andrei Marcu and another legendary figure in the bar industry. Fancy yourself as a bourbon pro? Bulleit Frontier Whiskey has launched a "home-tending" competition via Instagram - check out #BulleitAtHome. 

Drinking Games

So Zoom quizzes are fun, but games involving booze are better. Log in to Zoom / Houseparty / Skype (so old school) with your crew and get ready to play these online drinking games... 


Got an online birthday party / hen or stag do / family reunion to attend? Make it interesting with a game of Drunk Pirate and an order of craft cocktails by The Bottle Bar + Shop. They create bad-ass cocktails and infused spirits to experiment with at home. Pour a couple of serves, share your screen with your crew and do as the cards say: drink.

Netflix now allows users to host a viewing party from their Chrome browser so you and your crew can finally binge a new series together while not actually being together! Sounds like the perfect opportunity for a drinking game, like taking a sip every time someone full names Carole Baskin in Tiger King. Could be lethal so better to pick a slightly lower ABV cocktail to drink along with, like one of the Espresso Martinis from Moore House Cocktail Company’s hand-crafted pre-batched cocktail collection.

Time to get inappropriate with a few rounds of virtual Cards Against Humanity. Round up your dirty-minded mates and see if 5 weeks of lock-down has put everyone into the gutter. Make it interesting and dish out drinking forfeits for anyone who plays a dud card. Though if you're gonna play while drinking any of these Victory London Distillery's "Drink At Home" cocktails, you'll probably wanna do some self-sabotage.... these serves are mega. 


For more ways to crank up the fun during lockdown: